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Ready to Pour Happiness into The Glass

August 10, 2021

We all have been there; at the end of the party, excitedly waving our arms, trying to get the bartender’s attention. Not only does it spoil our night out, but it doesn’t leave us very excited to leave him/her a good tip, or to leave a good impression.

One of the really great bartender duties is when bartenders lean on with a towel thrown over their shoulder and a welcoming smile. Picture that. Don’t you wish to pull up a stool?

A bartender can do both: - He/she can either elevate a guest’s dining experience or can leave them annoyed, and frustrated. With years of experience, bright, and stellar personalities our bartenders are the best in town.


Here are few traits that each of our bartenders carries in abundance:

1) Making and Serving Drinks

The mixing and combining of ingredients—alcoholic and non—alcoholic the biggest duty of bartender. A professional must know their craft. We have professionals who are well-versed in the common and not-so-common drinks, and are always ready to offer great recommendations.


2) Good Customer Service Skills

One of the most important bartender duties is a social one. A bartender is responsible for carrying a friendly conversation and lively atmosphere in which all guests can feel welcome. Our world-famous small talk conversation will allow you and your guest feel right at ease. That splits into two parts - flexibility and recommendations. Exceptional customer service is the standard we maintain.


3) Keeping Area Clean

Bartenders are responsible for creating bar cleaning checklists. In fact, they execute them so frequently that keeping a clean & clean workstation becomes everyday part of their task. Carrying cleaning supplies is needed because when the atmosphere isn’t organized, it can quickly devolve into chaos. Beyond efficiency, bartenders keep area clean for health and hygiene purposes.


Our bartenders give extra attention to the cleaning tasks that are done throughout the shift, not just the opening and closing ones. These are the tasks that are needed to be done by our bartenders while interacting with guests and mixing drinks.

4) Situation Awareness

Our bartenders are constantly keeping an eye on your guests. They understand when someone requires a drink, whom to serve what kind of drink, and they’re very attentive to the needs of their patrons. Staying relaxed with a calm demeanour allows our bartenders to handle any kind of issues that may arise.


5) Great time management and memory

Being able to remember short, long, and uncommon names, various complicated orders under pressure, while multitasking and still connecting with all in an authentic manner is a very underrated skill. Luckily, our bartenders have good time memories and even better time management.


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