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Glassware Service For An Amazing Party Night

January 3, 2022 blog-image

Are you ready for the holidays? It’s that beautiful time of the year when you get to spend time with your close ones at Christmas and New Year parties. These are the moments that are cherished for a long time. That’s why it’s important to have an astonishing party with everything just fine to see off this year.

We keep talking about a lot of things when it comes to any type of party but we miss out on one of the significant things that can give a quality touch to any gathering. You might get surprised but some amazing sets of glassware can change the vibes and experience of any party. Different cocktails, liquor, beer, and any other type of drink deserve to be served in the best-suited exquisite glasses.

There is a wide variety of glasses that are of different shapes and sizes. Every glass has its own magical touch. Some of the popular types of glasses include


1. Martinis – These are some of those v shape glasses that give a classic look that gives a premium touch to any drink.

2. Champagne flutes – Going by the name, these glasses have a tall, narrow, and square shape with a long stem as well.

3. Shot glasses – “Just take it in on one go”. These glasses are short and narrow for fast consumption.

4. High ball Glasses – High ball glasses are without a stem, long and narrow commonly used with ice and the perfect blend of ingredients.

5. Low Ball Glasses – On the other hand, these glasses are just like a high ball but smaller. These glasses are also called “old-fashioned glasses”.

6. Margarita Glass – Although it comes in different designs, the basic concept is the circular and broad shape with a long stem.

And there are a lot more designs and shapes we provide best party services in delhi that will definitely match your expectations and add a magical touch to your party. So, what are you waiting for? After all that hustle all year, this year’s Christmas and New Year party should be worth all that hard work.

Dakibaa is one of those companies that has been providing quality. Glassware services in Delhi NCR to make the party nights a little better. Dakibaa also provides Beverages Bartenders, and Butlers for incredible parties all over the year. Let’s get it on then and have the time of our lives.