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October 25, 2021 blog-image

Autumn flavors mean more than just pumpkin spice. There are many ingredients to make cocktails like Apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, and maple syrup are some additional flavors that will tell your taste buds that 'sweater weather' has been arrived.

We've released a new slate of cocktails for this Festival Season Menu and our Draft Pass collections that reflect the festival in-house party's arrival. Whether you're planning a get-together or a relaxing evening by the fireplace, the new fall lineup from Cocktails has an expertly blended mix of cocktails that are perfect for your In-house party.

Well, keep those dance moves shining and cross over into the night at the party. Come get lost in three different stages with 36Djs spinning throughout the weekend. There will be chill vibes and unlimited fun at the Corporate event will last all night long.

Dakibaa will be featuring multiple full-service bars to highlight some of their hottest elixirs, spirits, beers, and wine. So, make sure you stop by a bar, take your favorite drink, and boogie the night away with your squad.

Signature Theme Cocktails


You have your predictions and maybe you have your fingers crossed for the underdog. Our team colors are red, red, and redder, so we’ll see a lot of deep reds made from beets, strawberries, pomegranates to get in the spirit. Our garnishes can lend to the theme with colorful paper straws and brightly colored plants and flowers.

Not only does Dakibaa’s Cocktail have the ability to create themed cocktails based on your team’s colors, but we can provide home party supply service in Delhi.



We fly all over the DELHI NCR beverage plans for groups big or small. We have quite the reputation here in DELHI and there’s good reason for it. As soon as you express interest in having DAKIBAA beverage services at your next event, will collaborate with a staff member to arrange your event details, choose your drinks and personalize your drink package. If you choose to have Cocktails, we’ll work with you to come up with the best custom design for your party.

All of our staff members have gone through alcohol safety training courses and provide in-house party services with a smile. Not only can they make delicious drinks, but we’re used to working in people’s homes, at their life’s greatest celebrations and most intimate places of their lives. Our staff is trained to be courteous, friendly, and efficient.

Cocktail Glassware Service


What better way to add the glam touch than through classic glass in your corporate party. We are obsessed with the fan-favorite that fits in perfectly with the look! Serve a delicious drink and a cozy mood.

There is a reason the DAKIBAA’s Services are the People’s favorite, and some stalk the cocktails. It’s like the classic Cosmopolitan starred in an Autumn rom-com (complete with festive baking spices, yes!), and cozies up with a classic cocktail as the love interest.

People don’t want the night to stop just yet?...,

Book Dakibaa and get beverage, butler, glassware, and bartender services at your place. Now have one, and tell me how it is.

Ha! But seriously, it’s so tasty!

Check and check.