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October 13, 2021 blog-image

The events and hospitality industry is continuously changing. All these new trends are vital to remaining up-to-date. There is no limit for party services, you can take our all party services. From the live entertainment to the smallest details of the beverages, how can keep our guests intrigued and entertained?

There are a few hints and advice from the Party People at in-house party events on how to throw the best in-house party ever.

Smile you’re on Camera!


Our important way to make in-house party fun is to make the party immersive. You want to create an experience that makes the guests feel like they are part of the house party. What better way to get all services bartender, butler, glassware and beverage in the party to enjoy the moment!!!

People don’t require reason to snap a picture.

What about entertainment?


This is so easy because everyone is starved of entertainment. It sounds intriguing enough to meet other people and socialize. However, it is always great when there are special party plans that come out. Bust out that DJ that’s gathering laugh endlessly or even good cocktails. Maybe, even if the number is modest, you want to transform your gathering into a theme party with Dakibaa.

Hear us out, - right now, people have time to dress in a theme for everybody.

A little Friendly Competition(


Another way to keep a house party fun is to bring out everyone’s competitive side. In a corporate event, a great approach to engage with guests is to include a price.

A little party never killed anybody


What better way to bring out innovativeness than to have a themed event! For your next house party, try to put together a theme. This can create a fun atmosphere for people to enjoy and keep guests involved, moreover, that be a colored theme or even something else, the possibilities are endless.

Specializing in corporate events and in-house party services are what DAKIBAA does! Bringing your dreams to life parties produces the most luxurious and trendy parties that will keep your guests coming back.

Enjoy Yourself


You have gone to all trouble to throw the perfect party- so enjoy it take DAKIBAA’s party services! Have fun with your friends and get involved with all outsiders. Throw yourself into conversations with friends, lap up the attention and after the clean-up is all over the next day, enjoy the smugness of having thrown the best in-house party your mates have ever seen.



Interested in holding an unforgettable in house party services? Whether you are looking for Bartender, Butler, Glassware, or Beverages we serve everything to keep you entertain. Make sure to check out our party services for any of your event and occasion planning needs! See also: