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Types Of Butlers And How Unique They Are

September 21, 2021

A butler, who is the head of the house party staff and you can rely on them to organize everything for you. The butler will attend to every minute detail to keep you and your guests in the very elite of luxury. Having a butler at your house party can be beneficial.

Nowadays, picking up the ideal butler for the house party might be a daunting task. While there are several different types of butlers available, so definitely it can become rather confusing which one is best for your house party.

Don’t panic, the array of choice is a good thing! They make all parties unique with the wide selection of butlers available in modern era. You will be sure to find the perfect butler to fit your house party.

Let’s shed the light on different types of butlers:

Traditional Butler


An old-fashioned Traditional Butler is someone who is accustomed to the ways of the previous time. These butlers still exist but are also very rarer and stand out for their ‘Invisible Presence’. They have excellent knowledge of silver service, reception and etiquette, and many more. They are the first person who greets their guests while entering the venue. They will be in charge of service for more formal occasions and parties.

Traditional butlers have knowledge of clothing and wardrobe management. They can also act as a valet when needed. They serve as the household’s senior attendant and are in command of the staff and subordinate butlers.

Modern Butler


A modern butler might come from a variety of backgrounds and they do not wear the classic butler suit. They have a combined role of management as well as service-orientated tasks. They have a variety of skills and also can take on many different roles like household manager, domestic staff manager, organizes events and parties too, moreover, they make sure that on the party night everything will go smoothly.

Modern butlers have been trained in and knowledgeable of silver service. They have a large network they can source to make sure the principles are getting entrance to the relevant events at the right time.

Female Butler


A female butler is an exclusive and versatile service provider. They have principles and they also need to cover some different areas sometimes, however, they beat traditional and modern butlers in many aspects. She also dressed well in the sense of coming up service.

The female butler’s role is to anticipate the needs of the in-house party and services. They are responsible for all food services and beverage services, arranging the table, flowers, and menu planning. Knowledge of wine is an important skillset to have and the upkeep of wine cellars is an increasingly vital work need.


Whatever type of butler you are looking for you Dakibaa can help! The trust test is how the butler will settle into the house party and how they will be able to understand and cater to your needs. You are welcome to drop us a line anytime. If you would like to find out more visit Dakibaa and get the best butler service.

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